Treachery’s Harbor


Volume 2 of Across a Jade Sea by L. Shelby.  Comes with both Mobi and Epub formats, so it can be read with virtually any e-reader.  Print versions can be ordered here.

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Product Description

A vital diplomatic mission threatened by assasins

Chunru Dachahl Pralahnru has been sent half-way around the world, to heal the breach between his empire and the Kingdom of Xercalis. But he’s been dodging assassins all along the way, and he doesn’t even know why they want the mission to fail. His own people appear to have turned against him,
and even worse—he isn’t the only one in danger!

Falling in love with the brave engineer who rescued him has made her a target too. Somehow he must unravel the plot and defeat the traitors, before she’s killed in a conflict over a country she’s never even seen.