Pavane in Pearl and Emerald


Pavane in Pearl and Emerald by L. Shelby.  Comes with both mobi and epub versions come with this purchase, so you can read it on virtually any device.

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Product Description

A Mysterious Obsession

The Emperor of Borgim has only one child. But although it is her destiny to rule a mighty empire, she seems to have trouble thinking about anything other than the great dance-dramas that are put on by the court. She takes the leading role in each production, and spends all her time and attention on practicing, directing and preparing for performances, and none at all on the affairs of state.

Kide, one of the most accomplished courtiers in the Coral Palace, has been attempting to win the hand of the princess. Of an artistic bent himself, her fascination with dancing did not trouble him until he realized that, no matter how charming she was and how excellent her character, it did not make sense that all the ladies who attended her would mirror her obsessive behavior. And yet, every single one of her attendants seemed as single-mindedly devoted to the dance as she was herself.

Something very strange is going on at the Coral Palace, and Kide needs to find out what before matters get worse. This threatens not only his matrimonial ambitions and his heart, but also his freedom, and possibly even the future of the entire nation.