Cantata in Coral and Ivory


Cantata in Coral and Ivory by L. Shelby.  Comes with both mobi and epub versions come with this purchase, so you can read it on virtually any device.

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Product Description

Ikhsior never expected to inherit the family title, and would rather return to the roving life of a sea captain than remain a part of the Imperial Court. But it isn’t easy to withdraw from emperor’s service without damaging his family’s honor. To regain his freedom, he must first master the intricacies of his new position.

But a courtier’s skills do not come easily to the former sailor, and the Coral Palace holds far more mysteries than he was expecting. How has he won the enmity of the court’s most fashionable lord? Why did a young lady give him a device that shouldn’t even exist? What is this moving statue that everyone seems to have seen but him? Could he possibly have lost his heart to one of the throng of art-obsessed courtiers? And does the future of the country really depend on what he does next?

He has always been confident of his ability to achieve his goals, but this is the hardest and most confusing challenge he has ever faced. How can he succeed when he’s no longer certain what he’s trying to do?